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Shop The Cause Mall For Your Holiday Gifting Needs

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

The Cause Mall: The Meaningful Marketplace makes it easy for you to purchase with purpose this holiday season! Continue reading for gift ideas we recommend on our website.

When you shop with local small business owners, the benefits trickle beyond stimulating the economy. Shopping locally adds to the culture of the community by ensuring small businesses with unique products and services are represented in today and tomorrow’s markets. For small businesses to thrive in the face of adversity, like COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic, shoppers must be intentional about brands they purchase from.

It’s no secret that online shopping has seen a huge incline throughout the pandemic. However, with supply chain shortages leading to inflation across industries and delays in shipping times Americans are experiencing more first world problems than ever before. To avoid these issues, The Cause Mall encourages you to shop with your local retailers (both in-person and online) since they are stocked with products and goods ready to ship; and local businesses often offer local pick-ups and deliveries—getting the product to you faster, with a more personal touch. Their notable customer service and charming relations are also paramount to bringing in the holiday spirits.

Showing your gratitude to others is a special feeling during the holidays, and shopping local is a special way to let a small business owner feel admired and motivated. With Christmas just five days away and Kwanza beginning on December 26th, be sure to shop the storefronts of vendors at The Cause Mall for your holiday gifting needs.

Here are a few items from our vendors we’d like to highlight:

The Holiday Wellness Gratuity Box is curated to say "thank you for taking care of others; please take time to take care of yourself!" This Gratuity Box is packed with self-care in mind and contains items like a body exfoliation set, hair turban for quick drying, and other items like holiday themed socks and candy canes. All of The Gratuity Boxes available on our website are one of a kind and all gifts and add-ons available on their storefront ship same day with two-day priority shipping.

“Create Your Own Style” aka CYOS offers custom items with quality detail and outstanding reviews. Shop one of a kind items on Javi’s (Designer) storefront with The Cause Mall. Pictured is a reversible, customized denim jacket with patchwork he thought out for months, before stitching and preparing it for purchase.

The winter season is known to take the moisture out of things—especially our skin! Why not gift yourself (and/or a friend) one of the wellness items on our website that will keep your skin glowing and well protected throughout the winter/dry season. We recommend purchasing the 'Dry Skin Duo Set' by Cocobena. Click this link or the photo to the left for direct purchase at our website.

With temperatures dropping by the week and snow beginning to fall in some states, it is time to get the fire burning to stay warm indoors. We also suggest lighting one of Mr. C Candles, particularly the 'White Tree' holiday inspired scent. With a burn time of up to 30 hours, the White Tree candle's fir and citrus notes merge with a heart of juniper and pine before melting into a bed of oak moss mixed with woodsy cypress and balsam.

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