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How the Pandemic Influenced Purposeful Shopping

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Stand for something, or you'll fall for anything.

As we continually reflect on the year that saw the COVID-19 pandemic and how life (as we knew it) changed, we are once again reminded that America is not the land of the equally-treated. The pandemic magnified injustices and disparities that have long been a concern to many, undoubtedly giving the American people another opportunity to take a stance for their rights and alter their perspectives on how things should be run on this planet and within the United States.

Nike Chief Executive John Donahoe once noted , “[the pandemic] these are the times when the strong can get stronger.” Throughout the pandemic, America’s largest corporations monopolized the markets leading to billions of dollars pouring into shareholders pockets. As those same company leaders touted their successes, we witnessed millions of Americans laid off/ furloughed, and millions still remain unemployed. Instead of top corporations pro-actively working together to pull us out of a recession, their decisions added to our nation’s economic divide—truly a missed opportunity for them to shift the definition of “Leaders of America.”


Shopping local not only connects communities, it builds their economic ecosystems!

More and more individuals are standing against overproduction of goods from large corporations and its’ impact on the environment; however, sustainable shopping is not the only thing this industry needs to see more of. Purposeful shopping is a growing topic with more people choosing to purchase from brands that align with their core values and generate revenue for small business owners—especially those of whom are a part of marginalized communities. We encourage our buyers to spend more dollars with BIPOC-owned businesses that have suffered disproportionately (even before the pandemic); and we want to educate our readers on the economic influence they can make by supporting local businesses.

At The Cause Mall, we market sellers based on their brand identify/ values, product make and source, and charitable contributions. At this time, all of our sellers are based in the United States and we encourage you to checkout and support them on our marketplace and directory. On September 17th, we look forward to welcoming buyers to purchase with a purpose when the sellers' shops go live!

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