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Habari Gani?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Good News! Many people around the world are currently celebrating Kwanzaa (December 26th- January 1st); and in many ways recognizing their "first fruits" coming to fruition after a very tough year. To all who celebrate, The Cause Mall wishes you a Happy Kwanza as you light candles and observe the seven principles.


Covid strains are among us making it hard to unite in-person beyond our immediate families/ household members. We encourage families, friends, and community to engage in non-traditional ways of coming together in order to stay healthy and safe while celebrating.



Be intentional with your thoughts, actions, and desires. To be self-determined is not an easy task, but making a list of your goals and reflecting on them daily can encourage you to stay focused.



Something we as humans long for is community-- a sense of belonging. Collective work and responsibility is a necessity for a community to progress. Simply volunteering your time and/or expertise will further community development across generations.



Of all days dedicated for us to #buyBlack though the year, December 29th should be top on your calendar! There is so much value in cooperative economics. Shop local and you'll make a huge difference on a business' ability to thrive, not just survive. Support out Black-owned business owners by shopping with The Meaningful Marketplace.



Take time to recharge, channel your energy, and manifest your life's purpose. Just 10 minutes every day dedicated towards calming activities like yoga or deep meditation can help align you closer to your greatness.



We dance, laugh, cook, sing, and bring beauty to the world through our creativity. Play some music and reflect on your talents (and power).



Believe in yourself and continue to have faith that everything will work out, even your most farfetched wishes are capable of coming true.

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