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Did you celebrate National Black Business Month?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Support Black-owned businesses and people of color because they are great!

August was celebrated nationally for multiple reasons. Of great importance to The Cause Mall, we celebrated August by observing National Black Business Month. In 2004, it was founded by John W. Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan Sr. to drive support and investments into African American-owned businesses across the nation. At the time, 2.6 million African-American businesses existed and seventeen years later, there still exist the same number—stressing that more support and encouragement is necessary for Black-owned businesses.

To commemorate National Black Business month, we reached out to Black business owners and held meetings to discuss the past and current challenges they face; and we are working to respond to their needs, accordingly. Understanding that we should never assume what the needs of marginalized communities are, we are committed to ongoing conversations with business owners and look forward to more discussions through the Cause Club.

The Cause Mall is passionate about highlighting the talents and skills of Black-owned businesses and we’ve created a short list of businesses we love to invest in and show support to. Check them out:

The Self-Love Workbook. Candice Jones, the founder of Everything She Is Co. created an introspective solution for self care. After going through her own journey of self acceptance, the Self-Love Workbook emerged to help de-stigmatize inner-healing and create confident, tenacious and conscious women through affirmational healing.

King's Crowing. Let's face it, one of the challenges of wearing a hat or keeping your head warm during the winter is the breakage you get from the tug and pull of a cap on your head. We appreciate the thoughtfulness Darrell Spencer put into designing satin-lined caps. This zero breakage solution leaves you with length retention and healthy strands!

Rooted Women. India Williams created her ethical, non-toxic vegan nail polish line to provide an eco-friendly solution to a common self-care ritual: polishing your nails. Check out her line of lavish laquers.

Journacy. Journacy is a brand and community that was founded with the intent of helping dad's along their fatherhood journey with on-trend products. We are a huge fan of their vegan leather Journacy Bag.

The Naked Face. Tracy Rookard designed her all-natural, cruelty-free skincare line due to her own struggle with hyperpigmentation. After trying it out on herself and inner circle, The Naked Face was born. Her natural skin and hair solutions were designed with the notion that everything you need grows beneath your feet.

ERIS + LYNN. Of course can't leave out the little people! Shop Eris + Lynn for the cutest clothing creations curated for babies and kids.

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