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While our individual purposes may differ, we all strive to lead purpose-driven lives. The people we surround ourselves with, the activities we partake in, and the places we go are often a reflection of our purpose.  However, the same may not always be said for the goods we purchase and the places we shop. 


Whether it's a lack of adequate representation or inclusion, conflicting company and personal values, or not being able to identify products that are made and sourced in alignment with our own beliefs and practices, there is always some degree of discord.

That's why we're here. The Cause Mall is the meaningful marketplace where you can purchase with a purpose. We make it easy for people to shop for everyday lifestyle products and gifts based on causes they would like to support including brand identity and values, product sourcing, and charitable causes. 

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The Cause Mall is more than just a marketplace, it's a community.


There's a lot of competition in the retail world, but not enough collaboration. To bridge this gap, we've created an online community for our individual sellers to network and collaborate with one another. Why? We know that there is room for everyone to be successful, but sometimes it takes support and guidance from a group of peers to get there.

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